So you may be the happiest of people…

[Edit] This post has been modified, see most recent comment for more details insha Allah..

Assalamu Alaykum,

We all go through stages where we feel down and unhappy. Most of the time it is because we do not realise what happiness actually means and how we can attain it.

So how can you be the happiest of people you ask? Read on and insha Allah you will see how..

So you may be the happiest of people…

*Maintain prayer in jamaa’ah (congregation)..

Increase your stay at the masjid..

And get used to performing prayers early..

So you may attain happiness.

*Beware of sins..

As they are the source of worries and sadness

They are also the cause of calamities..

And the door for disasters and trials

*Know that the one who has backbitten you..

Has gifted you their good deeds and decreased from your sins

They have also made you famous!

This is a blessing to you.

*Be realistic in your expectations…

You may be expecting from people what you cannot do yourself..

So be fair!

*Live a simple life..

And beware of living a life of luxury and wastefulness..

For whenever the body is spoilt ..

The soul is complicated.

*Look at those less fortunate than you..

In body, appearance and wealth..

In home, job and offspring..

You will realise that you are better off than thousands!


Hospitals to appreciate the blessing of health..

Prisons to appreciate the blessing of freedom..

And Mental institutions to appreciate the blessing of sanity..

You have many blessings but do not realise them!

*Do not be like a fly..

That only falls on a wound..

So beware of falling onto people’s private affairs..

*Abandon forbidden love, lust and romance..

They are a torture to the soul and a disease of the heart..

Return to Allah, to his remembrance and obedience!

*Looking at what is not lawful to you…

Causes you sadness, sorrow and heartache..

And the one who fears Allah and lowers their gaze is indeed happy!

*What is for you will not pass you..

And what has passed you is not for you!

The Pen has dried with what you are destined..

And you have no choice in your Destiny!

*If one of the spouses is angry..

Let the other remain silent..

You will not find anyone free of fault!

*Do not think that life is perfect for anyone..

For the one with the house..

May not have a car.

And the one with the wife..

May not have a job.

And the one with the appetite..

May not have the food.

And the one with the food..

May not be allowed to eat it!

*When you are faced with a trial..

Rejoice in everyday that passes..

As the passing of time lessens the trial and approaches its end.

A trial is like our lives..

It will come to an end!

*“Whoever among you wakes up in the morning..

feeling safe among his herd..

sound in his body..and having his daily food..

it is as the entire world is put in his possession.” (at-Tirmidhee)

*The happiness of food lasts for a day..

And the joy of travel may last a week..

The happiness of marriage is of a month..

And that of money may last a year..

But the happiness of Eeman..

Is that of your entire life!

*The difference between you and the wealthy..

Is one day.

For they do not remember the pleasure of yesterday..

And tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone..

So they have a day..

And how short is that?

*Your Rizq (sustenance) can find you better..

Than you can find it.

It follows you like your shadow follows..

And you will not die until..

You have received all of your rizq!

*Why do you think about what is lost..

And not be thankful for what you have?

You forget the present blessing..

And grieve the missing one..

You envy others..

And become oblivious to what you have!

*If difficulty visits you..

Know that it is a summer cloud..

Do not fear its lightening nor its loud thunder..

As this cloud may have come carrying..

Your rescue!

*The one who is blind wishes to see..

And the deaf wishes to hear..

The one who is paralysed dreams of walking..

And the one who is mute would love to speak..

And here you are..

Seeing, hearing, walking and speaking!

*You must have a limit..

When it to comes to acquiring worldly matters..

You may desire a home to shelter you..

A job that suits you..

And a car that moves you..

But do not become extreme in your desires..

As this will cause your misery!

*Those who spends their day..

In games, leisure and entertainment..

Think that they are making themselves happy.

Little do they know that the price will be paid..

As continuous worry and persistent anxiety..

This is because they neglected the balance..

Between their duties and their leisure!

(written by  Sheikh Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni and translated by me)

To be continued insha Allah..


5 Responses

  1. nice article.

  2. I like his book it’s called ‘you can be the happiest women in the world’, would recommend it to evryone, oh yeh and ‘don’t be sad’

  3. jazakillahu khayran, definitely puts things into perspective and makes ur worries seem small 🙂 keep it up

  4. I love this, i printed it out and placed it on the fridge. Now whoever walks past, takes a short break and reads it. It’s beautiful and you can always learn from it.

  5. Assalamu Alaykum houda,

    I edited the piece as I made a mistake at the start:

    It should say: “Maintain prayer in jamaa’ah (congregation)” rather than ”maintain takbeer in ihraam in jamaa’ah.”

    I got confused as the arabic version said maintain Takbeerat Al-i7raam in jamaa’ah and for some reason I thought it was talking about ihraam of hajj.

    For those who do not know, Takbeerat Al-i7raam is the first takbeerah (saying Allahu Akbar) of the prayer.

    I also found out today that one of the parts was a hadith in Tirmidhee, so I put in the actual translation insha Allah:

    “Whoever among you wakes up in the morning feeling safe among his herd sound in his body and having his daily food it is as the entire world is put in his possession.” (at-Tirmidhee)

    May Allah forgive me for confusing anyone.

    Wa assalamu Alaykum

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