Where are your manners?!

Assalamu Alaykum,

I havent written in while and I found this piece in arabic and thought I would translate it for other people’s benefit insha Allah.

It is bad manners when:

1- You go to the Masjid in your PJs..

Yet you wear your best clothes and perfume when out with friends!

2- You call and chat with your friends everyday..

Yet your family only hears from you every few months..

or even years!

3- You have plenty of time to go out with friends..

Yet when your parents need you for something..

You’re always busy!

4- You are more than happy to spend your money on the latest Album..

Yet a few dollars are too much for a beneficial Islamic Cd!

5- You spend hours with your friends online..

Yet you only a few minutes in Prayer!

6- You leave the house all dolled up..

Yet wonder why men are looking at you!

7- You know its time for prayer.. and you do not move

As if your glued down to your chair!

8- Your brothers and sisters are in need..

Yet you do not help them!

9- You are offered an islamic book or Cd and you reject it..

Yet when a person gives you a music album..

You dont know how to thank them!

10- You stay up the night online..

Yet not offer a single raka’ah in prayer!

11- You only open the Quran once a week to read surat Al-Kahf..

That’s if it is once a week!

11- You have so many university degrees..

Yet dont know the basics about your religion!


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  1. Good one. thanks for translating!

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