My Top 5 Abaya Wearing Tips…

20 Shawwaal 1429

Assalamu Alaykum,

I thought I would continue with my ‘top 5 tips’ theme, and I came up with a few tips for wearing abaya. So i hope you find them beneficial insha Allah

1- Make sure your abaya is loose! I know it sounds like I am stating the obvious.. but many sisters wear their abayas way too small.. Dont worry about what the sizing tells you.. I have abayas ranging from S-XL and they all look the same size!

2- Wear a loose/wide skirt under your abaya.. If you ever wore an abaya in windy weather you will appreciate this tip insha Allah. This helps keep the abaya off your body and less likely to define your shape when walking or when a bit windy. Go and try it πŸ˜‰ Wear your abaya with a tight skirt/pants and then with a loose skirt underneath and compare the difference in the mirror πŸ™‚

3- Keep it simple!.. Many sisters over-compensate for wearing abaya by wearing them with too much bling. It is supposed to be simple… So keep it simple πŸ˜‰

4- Do yourself a favour, and buy an overhead abaya!.. I only have one and I LOVE it, only problem is that we dont have them here in Australia.. They are super comfortable and easy to wear.. I just wish they sold more here 😦

5- Get your abayas tailor made..Β  Buy your own material and get another sister to sew one for you (for a fee ofcourse πŸ™‚ ) .. This gives you some control over the quality and sizing of your abaya.

I would love to hear other abaya wearing tips from my sisters (or even brothers) .. So leave a comment insha Allah.


7 Responses

  1. nice post and nice tone too!

  2. Brothers should also think whilst wearing thawbs and other ‘light weight’ garments (In shaa Allaah). May Allaah ta’ala reward you sister!

  3. May Allah be pleased with you, V nice blog.

  4. Masha’Allah sister, great advice. There’s a shop in Glenroy that makes clothes to order. The sisters there are really great masha’Allah. It’s called Amira

  5. BarakaAllaahu feeki!

    Ukhtee, i tooo agree that overhead abayahs are super comfortable!

    I also like these jilbaabs with the hands: they look very convinient and pretty πŸ™‚

    Fi amanillaah

  6. Hi There. this is Raia, and i also love Abaya and have 2 yet i am non muslima…i just wear it …!! Thanks I would like to visit your blog from now! Masha’allah your blog is awesome!!! I am in Australia too now.

  7. Hi Raia. I am glad to here that my blog reaches out to non-muslims as well. πŸ™‚

    Would you like to share with us why you like to wear abayas?

    Also, what topics would you like to read about here on the blog?

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